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Early motherhood was not as enjoyable as I would have liked it to be because I was constantly anxious about my daughter's sleep, following all the "rules" and having the "perfect" schedule. I felt society was telling me one thing and my instincts were telling me the complete opposite. Society was telling me to let my baby cry, my instincts told me to respond to every cry. Society was telling me that my baby needed to sleep "independently," my instincts were telling me that there was nothing wrong with helping my baby fall asleep. I could go on an on about the conflicting messages I was receiving, but I'll save your time, because I'm sure you have heard all the other things society was telling me.

Hey mama! I'm Brittni.

Certified Infant Sleep SpecialIST

I shut out all the outside noise that went against everything that felt right, and just follow my baby and my instincts! It was so freeing. I realized that I knew my baby better than anyone else and my instincts were telling me what felt right because it was right. Motherhood completely changed for me in this moment. I stopped worrying about all the "shoulds" and warnings that I was hearing and realized that the only thing that mattered was nurturing and developing a deep and attached relationship with my daughter.

One day I decided to listen to my inner voice.

Some might describe me as
a "crunchy mama."

I was put on this earth to help
you ENJOY parenthood. 

Mama to a highly sensitive, spirited,
and amazingly fun daughter!


When you work with me you'll grow more attuned to your parental instincts as well as get to know your baby on a deeper level. You'll walk away from our work together feeling like you truly do "got this"!

Let's work together


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Brittni is literally a unicorn. I have been looking for someone like her for over 5 years. Our 3rd child is 8 months old and she is helping us achieve our sleep goals WITHOUT crying. I had given up on this even being possible as all the other sleep coaches and trainers out there I have found promise to be gentle but end up with the same advice that involve letting your baby cry. After just a one hour coaching session, Brittni gave us a plan and resources to feel equipped to help us meet our sleep goals and after just one try of implementing her tips, our 8 month old baby took his first one hour independent nap since being born! I wish I had found her sooner and had her as a resource with our first two children. I have so much hope and am forever grateful!


a unicorn.

Brittni is literally

Working with Brittni was wonderful! The intake form and sleep log she provides is very in depth, which allows her to really understand your baby. She takes the time to come up with a plan that you are comfortable with. I would recommend Brittni to any parents looking to really understand infant sleep. I really beat myself up with thinking that what I was doing was wrong and that my baby was "abnormal," when in fact she is not! The information and education she provides you really reassures you and makes you more confident as a parent! 


to any parent.

I'd recommend her

I absolutely loved working with Brittni! She gave me some great suggestions on how to support my daughter's sleep, and the best part was I left our call feeling empowered and confident to follow my instincts to do what's best for our family. Brittni was professional, warm and kind and it was clear she'd done her research and thoroughly read all of my intake forms and sleep logs so she was deeply familiar with our situation. She came prepared with suggestions and advice that work for us. Highly recommend!


& confident!

I feel empowered



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