It's time to take the guess work out of your baby's sleep.

Imagine feeling confident, rested and at peace about your baby’s sleep. 

Better yet, imagine feeling in tune with your baby and knowing exactly what they need.

What if sleep no longer felt like a challenge or something you dreaded each day/night?

What if it was a peaceful, calming and enjoyable experience for the whole family?

What if you felt like an expert on your baby and did so while feeling more rested?


Google, Facebook groups, your pediatrician (and even your family) don’t know your unique baby or your family values like you do.

And the problem here is that you may begin to let the noise from the outside override your instincts. This turns into feeling at odds with your baby and their needs. So, let me remind you: YOU know what’s best for your baby.

The best way to tune out all of this noise? Getting informed about all of your options + gaining the confidence you need to create a sleep set-up that works for the baby in front of you.

If you’re ready to start feeling confident about your baby’s sleep and ensure you are maximizing sleep for your whole family, then this is for you!

Resting in the First Year 


 A comprehensive baby sleep course designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to understand your baby's individual sleep needs. You'll also gain the skills to adapt and improve what's not working, all while honoring your baby's natural sleep patterns and attachment needs. No harsh cry-it-out methods or generic advice included.

Instead, you'll receive science-backed information for a fulfilling and peaceful first year with your baby.

What's Included?

  • 8 educational modules that cover everything you need to know about supporting your baby's sleep
  • Access to over 3 hours of recorded videos (broken down into short digestible videos that a tired mama can handle with closed captions so you can watch with a sleeping baby on you).
  • Downloadable audio files so you can listen to the course on the go (or while contact napping)
  • 14 course handouts & guides that dive deeper into the topics covered in the course (these are the quick topics that you want the answers to NOW- ie: wake windows, sleepy cues, how to get through teething, traveling and sleep, and so much more)


“The sleep course was fantastic! I adore Brittni’s holistic, non judgmental approach to sleep and parenting. I only wish I had found her sooner."
Maggie M

"I'm a second time mom of a 4 month old, doing this differently this time around. Your course has been amazing! I wish I had it with my first."
Katie B

what they're saying:

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module 1: Lifestyle & Culture 

  • New to this world: what life is like for your newborn
  • What to expect with your newborn
  • Working With your Baby’s Needs *Bonus Video*
  • Sleep & Lifestyle
  • Rhythms & Routines

Module 2: Vulnerability

  • Attachment & Emotion
  • The Truth About Sleep Training
  • Regulation & Co Regulation

Module 3: Getting to Know Your Baby

  • Personality, Temperament, & Sleep

Module 4: Sleep Science

  • Sleep Environment
  • Sleep Science
  • Wake Windows & Sleepy cues
  • Naps & Nap Transitions
  • Sleep Progression

Module 5: Lactation, Nutrition & Sleep

  • Breastfeeding in Months 0-4 with Alex Wachelka IBCLC
  • Breastfeeding & Feeding in Months 5-12 with Alex Wachelka IBCLC

Module 6: Red Flags 

  • Common red flags in infant sleep: how to spot them and who to see

Module 7: Stimulation & Sleep

  • Providing healthy stimulation to optimize your baby’s sleep

Module 8: Common Sleep Challenges and Goals

  • Transitioning out of bedsharing
  • Independent Naps
  • False Starts
  • Early Rising
  • Split Nights
  • Involving Your Partner
  • Preparing for Back to Work
  • Switching Sleep Associations




"Just coming to show appreciation for my nights & days being amazing since taking the Resting in the First Year Course. My girl is sleeping 10-11 hours in her crib at night and two naps in her crib."
Leanne G

what they're saying:

How much does it cost?

one payment of $127

two payments of $74



How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Resting In The First Year is for you if:

You’re anxious and overwhelmed about your baby’s sleep

You want to understand your baby’s sleep and who they are

You’re tired and want more sleep for your family, but don’t want to sleep train

Resting In The First Year is not for you if:

You want to sleep train (cry it out, ferber, etc)

You want a one size fits all advice on baby sleep

Your baby is older than 12 months old

"When I found Brittni, I had a lot of stress and anxiety around my daughter’s sleep. Through working with her, I've realized much of it is very normal and have also implemented some tools to help us as we grow. My daughter’s sleep is no longer stressful and one of our most precious times."

what they're saying:

Early motherhood was not as enjoyable as I would have liked it to be because I was constantly anxious about my daughter's sleep, following all the "rules" and having the "perfect" schedule. I felt society was telling me one thing and my instincts were telling me the complete opposite. Society was telling me to let my baby cry, my instincts told me to respond to every cry. Society was telling me that my baby needed to sleep "independently," my instincts were telling me that there was nothing wrong with helping my baby fall asleep. I could go on an on about the conflicting messages I was receiving, but I'll save your time, because I'm sure you have heard all the other things society was telling me.

I’m passionate about making baby sleep less stressful and more enjoyable for new parents. I want to give you the tools, education, resources and confidence that I wish I had in my first year as a mother. 

Hey mama! I'm Brittni.

Certified Infant Sleep SpecialIST

"Brittni from Resting in Motherhood has truly changed motherhood for me in such an uplifting and freeing way.  I learned SO much about the normal rollercoaster of infant sleep just through this one guide. It opened my eyes to the idea that nothing was wrong, just hard."

what they're saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be granted access?

As soon as you purchase you will be granted access to the course.

Is the course refundable?

No, my courses are not refundable. 

Is there crying involved?

There is nothing unresponsive in this course. It is my top priority to promote responding to and supporting tears.

How long will it take to see changes in sleep?

Given that I work holistically, I respect and understand that each family has a unique baby and unique goals/needs. So, I can’t give an exact time BUT I will say that you will walk away with the knowledge and tools you need to start making changes as soon as you want to. Each lesson will bring insight and education that will lead you to better sleep. 

Can I buy this as a gift for someone?

Absolutely! When you purchase you will enter their email address and choose a password for them which you can then pass along to them. 

How long will I have access?

You will have lifetime access (so if you have more than one child you can refer back to it as many times as you’d like)

Ready to ditch GOOGle and truly feel like an expert on your BABY's sleep?

one payment of $127

two payments of $74