Spring is FINALLY springing and I could not be happier. There is just something about the change in the air and the newness that comes with spring. I love to see the green grass popping up, hear the birds chirping, and see flowers start to bloom. There’s nothing quite like *feeling* spring in the air. I was so excited to put this list of our favorite spring books together for you! Reading is a great way to talk to our little ones about what is going on in real life. It is so fun for a child to see something happen in a book and then see it happening in real life or vice versa. Reading is also a great time to get quality connect with your little one which is so important! Let’s dive right in…

Favorite Spring Books

The Honeybee This book could technically be a spring, summer or fall book as it spans all of the seasons but this is my absolute favorite children’s book. The colors and illustrations are stunning and they fit perfectly with the feeling that spring brings. It’s educational while also really fun to read. If you only buy one book from this list, this is the book I would recommend!

and then it’s spring This sweet book is a perfect depiction of a child waiting for spring and new plants to come. Even as an adult the story is so sweet and relatable. The illustrations are simple yet beautiful.

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime I love all of the Little Blue Truck books and this one did not disappoint. The illustrations are quintessential spring and it’s also a great book to work on counting. This is a board book which is a great option for little ones who haven’t quite grasped the concept of not ripping pages or putting books in their mouth.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring This book follows a boy and his dog as they transition from winter to spring. I love the illustrations and the idea of saying goodbye to one season as we welcome another. It’s also brings nature to life in a unique way.

Planting a Rainbow Lois Ehlert has so many amazing books and this one is no exception. It is a sweet story about a child and mother and the special activity they do together.

Florette This book tells the story of a girl who loses her beloved garden when she moves to the city. While it isn’t specific to spring it tells the story of blooming where you are planted which is such a spring theme.

A Seed is Sleepy Another book that isn’t technically spring but everything blooms in spring so this one gets a place on the list. It’s great for toddlers and it’s full of scientific facts about seeds and how they grow. It also has beautiful illustrations that keep the book interesting and fun.

When Spring Comes describes the changes that happen when winter turns into spring. The illustrations are bright and colorful and the words are simple for young minds.

Sunny-Side Up While this book isn’t about spring it presents a common “problem” that spring can bring… spring rain storms. This sweet story tells the tale of a little girl who wants to go outside to play but finds herself stuck inside because of the rain.
While I actually encourage you to go outside in the rain and play with your little one, this is a very sweet story.

In the Rain Speaking of playing in the rain, this sweet and simple board book is the perfect story of getting out in the rain to play. It’s perfect for younger children (0-2 years of age).

In case you celebrate Easter, I also wanted to share a few of our favorite Easter books (some religious, some not).

The Easter Egg Jan Brett has the most amazing books. When I saw that this book was written by her, I had to get it. This is a sweet story about a young rabbit on the quest to decorate the best Easter egg.

God Gave Us Easter This book is great for older toddlers (2+) as it tells the story of Easter in a simple yet beautiful way to a toddler polar bear. It’s a great way to talk about Jesus in a way that is comprehensible to a toddler.

A Very Happy Easter Prayer Another great religious book that appreciates the beauty that spring brings while also thanking God for all of the changes that are happening.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Colors This is a great book for children 0-2. It has minimal words, fun pictures and bright colors. It’s also great when working on teaching your little one colors!

Happy reading and happy spring!

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